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New York Journal of Books

Posted on Oct 12, 2012

From NY Journal of Books: “Okay. Not a dog lover. After having three children in quick succession, I was not interested in having one more thing in my life that I loved that could even remotely possibly get sick and die on me, thus killing me instantly. And yet, I have three dogs, one for each of them. It’s the children s fault. So even if you are not an obsessive animal lover, here comes your warning: Take out the box of tissues. This one’s a weeper. But also have handy some big balloons, a hooter, and cake in the shape of a bone because Marshall the Miracle Dog is a story celebrating a boundless hope, the kind of hope reflected only in the exuberance of small children and . . . well . . . dogs. . . . Speaking to the frailties and fears experienced by every child who has ever felt different or damaged, alone or neglected or worse Marshall the Miracle Dog is a story to be savored and read over and over again. The illustrations by Lauren Heimbaugh are soft detailed pencils so beautifully drawn they look photorealistic but for the apparent texture in the surfaces of color. The artist so captures the emotions of this dog as he evolves [SPOILER ALERT!] from a broken mess to a joyous family member that you could swear you’ve met Marshall somewhere before. And you have. When love walked in the room.” —Lisa Rojany Buccieri, New York Journal of Books