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On the Set: A Conclusion

Posted on Jun 20, 2014

Today marks the last day of filming for Marshall the Miracle Dog. It has definitely been a journey to say the least. We have ventured into the depths of Illinois to film at a variety of parks, homes and shops where we were greeted with nothing but smiles and enthusiasm for the production of our movie. We have also dealt with a variation of conditions such as rain, thunderstorms, mud and heat but have continued the filming with gusto because everyone is dedicated to telling Marshall’s story. Marshall’s story started with a book that Cyndi wrote and has grown into much more with the help and support of all of his friends, family and fans. We have truly seen this dedication to the Marshall Movement through the countless number of volunteers to be extras and the gifts that stores such as The Cup, Treats Unleashed, Panera and many more have given to us. None of this could be possible without everyone’s assistance and faith in the movie. So as we wrap up our final scenes, say our last words and utter the last cut, we could not be more proud of the final product and hope that all of you feel the same way!