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On the Set: Day 11

Posted on Jun 13, 2014

Although it is easy to get wrapped up in the other messages and scenes in the movie, it is inherently important to remember the main focus of this movie: combating bullying. There are many subplots to this movie that go along with this message as well: standing up for others, being kind, showing compassion, never giving up and many more. These subplots are integral to the antibullying message because they show that there are many different facets to erasing bullying. Therefore, when watching this movie, we should be inspired to help and to engage young adults on how to eliminate this problem in our culture today.

In its most simplistic form, bullying can be defined as being mean to a child over and over again. However, there are many more factors involved than just being mean to a child. It is a form of harassment that not only can affect a child emotionally but physically as well. Some of the physical symptoms include headaches and stomachaches whereas the emotional side includes suicidal thoughts, depression and loneliness. However, bullying can encompass more than just these side effects. Children who are bullied can become more aggressive, pessimistic, isolated and bitter towards their parents and peers. Furthermore, bullying can impact their performance in school and sports by diminishing their confidence and desire to do well. Therefore, it is evident that bullying can completely alter the mindset of a child and make them feel different about themselves than originally perceived.

Therefore, as we get caught up in the excitement of filming, we must remember the main focus of the movie and its message to children who are being bullied or who have bullied others.