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On the Set: Day 15

Posted on Jun 19, 2014

Our assistant coach in the movie, Greg Warren, is nothing short of hilarious. He is from Saint Louis and studied at the University of Missouri where he majored in journalism and was an All-American college wrestler. However, he also won a comedy contest and was invited to perform at a club where he decided to become a full time comedian. Upon graduating from college, his career took off. He has performed on a variety of diverse channels including BET and multiple Country channels. He is more recently known for his appearances on Comedy Central Presents, The Late Late Night Show and Last Comic Standing. His acts mostly center around his upbringing in the Midwest and what the Midwest means to him. Furthermore, his new CD, One Star Wonder, hit number six on Itunes in Top Comedy Albums. In Marshall, he plays the role of the goofy assistant coach and his role is based off the Youtube video, Assistant Coach Larry. Not only does he inspire laughs on screen but also off-screen among the director and crew. His contribution to the movie is truly amazing and is sure to be a hit on the big screen.