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On the Set: Day 4

Posted on Jun 5, 2014

A Focus on the Humane Society of Missouri

Earlier this week, Debbie Hill, Vice President of Operations of the Humane Society of Missouri was reunited with Marshall! Debbie was one of the rescuers on the team that saved Marshall from the hoarder’s house where he was severely mistreated. In her interview with Gail Pennington of the Saint Louis Post Dispatch, Debbie stated one of the most traumatizing parts of the rescue was seeing “what horrible circumstances he survived.” The team was alerted of the terrible living conditions by Animal Planet who was filming a television show on animal hoarders. However, through the trauma, Marshall is a constant reminder of never giving up the fight or as Cindy likes to say, “Never give up five minutes before the miracle.”

Hill stated, “This movie is important because it tells the fundamental story of how humans and animals bond and give equal value to each other.” Through the example of Marshall, we can really see the important work that Debbie and the whole Humane Society of Missouri does. Not only does the Humane Society work in rescuing abandoned and mistreated dogs, they also work to educate people on animal abuse and work for the betterment of animal treatment in general. Through providing veterinarian care and pet obedience and behavioral programs, the Humane Society of Missouri truly provides a well-rounded program for dog owners and helps prevent cruelty and abuse towards all animals.

To view the front page article of Marshall in the Saint Louis Post Dispatch click here


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left: Gail Pennington with Cyndi Willenbrock, right: Debbie Hill reunites with Marshall