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On the Set: Day 5

Posted on Jun 6, 2014

As our animal extras start to leave us to return to their homes in California, we want to take a closer look at their importance in the film and highlight some of their other roles and responsibilities as movie star dogs. One dog in particular, Ben, who plays Spartacus in Marshall the Miracle Dog, has a prolific career as a movie star dog and has many different roles in films and commercials. One of these major highlights was last year’s Doritos Super Bowl commercial where Spartacus was ridden by a child pretending to be a cowboy. This commercial has brought fame to Ben ans has highlighted the immense training that each movie star dog requires. These dogs are very well-behaved and trained extremely well to handle high energy situations.

Not only has Spartacus risen to fame on the big screen, but he has also been influential in the rescue dog community. All of the dogs on set are rescues and like Marshall, they show how a dog can overcome horrible mistreatment and abuse. These dogs serve as a constant reminder that one can withstand abuse if they don’t give up the fight.

Furthermore, Ben, a gentle giant, shows viewers the true nature of these massive dogs. A Mastiff, Ben oftentimes gets a bad reputation as an aggressive species who is prone to anger. However, Ben refutes this stereotype through this passivity and his inability to show aggression in any form. His handlers even had to teach him how to bark for this movie! Although he will play the bully on the big screen, this calm animal is far from one with his carefree demeanor and loving nature.

ben spart

above: Cyndi and Ben pose for a picture