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On the Set: Day 6

Posted on Jun 7, 2014

Today, we filmed the fair scene and had more than 200 people show up to be extras! We are extremely grateful for their support, as well as everyone’s support, of the Marshall Movement. It truly is a testament to the resolve to fight bullying on a daily basis and to stand up and say something even when it is hard to do so. Furthermore, not only did all these people come out to support the Marshall Movement, their dog companions did as well. All the dogs on set are rescue dogs and work as either professional movie star dogs or therapy dogs.
Finally, we would like to thank all the sponsors that helped make this scene and movie possible. The set today included rides, booths, food and much more! All of these things would not have been feasible without the assistance Purina Pro Plan, the Girl Scouts, the Humane Society of Missouri, Treats Unleashed, Enterprise, and 4-H. All of these organizations not only act as sponsors but their messages can be incorporated in the Marshall Movement as well. The Humane Society of Missouri, for instance, works to stop animal abuse. The Girl Scouts and 4-H help the youth in many different ways such as providing them with creative outlets and helping them get involved in the community. Although these are just a couple of examples, all of these organizations and businesses contribute toward the antibullying message that the Marshall Movement displays.