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“Marshall the Miracle Dog” is a great tale with many underlying lessons that will be inspirational for everyone. This is a story about not only rescuing animals from terrible situations, but also standing up to bullies. As Finn and Marshall learn, you must be strong, courageous and stand up for yourself and others. The important thing is to, “Be strong; don’t give up before the miracle happens.” This is a wonderful, entertaining movie for the entire family.
We are proud to award “Marshall the Miracle Dog” with the Dove “Family-Approved” Seal for all ages.


Audience Reviews:

  • “Loved the movie. Marshall is a great example to show his resiliency and tenacity after what he has lived through and now can hopefully be an example to humans to follow in his footsteps.” –David Backes, Captain of The St. Louis Blues, Founder of Athletes for Animals
  • “I cried.  It is a movie every kid should see.  Well done!  Acting was outstanding.”  Joe Buck, Fox Sports
  • “The movie was AMAZING!! Our kids and staff LOVED IT!! All 760 of them plus our staff and bus drivers were cheering, laughing, and crying. One of our male 5th grade students, responded with “that was so emotional”. What a powerful message and one that touches many different audiences. Even though we have read the book and heard your story, the movie was still suspenseful and an emotional roller coaster. Love Love Love. ”  Kara F., School Counselor
  • “Our students had a great time! The kids did a WONDERFUL job of showing character. I had one boy say “I gave up trying not to cry.”–Wendy A., Teacher
  • “I went to see your movie this past weekend and I loved it. Your movie is awesome. I love dogs and I love you. You have a lot of courage and it’s a miracle you are alive.” Quinn, 1st Grade Student
  • “I just took my 5 kids to see Marshal The Miracle Dog movie. They loved it! 3 of my children were just adopted from Ghana, Africa. This was one of the first real emotional movies they have seen about being lost and someone caring enough to find that lost someone or in this case…Marshall! It really touched their hearts.” –Chris, Parent
  • “Marshall is helping us show my daughter that scars are beautiful. She had a liver transplant at 5 1/2 months and, unfortunately, is becoming very self-conscious about her scar. Thank you!”–Jeannie M., Mom
  • “My son and I watched the movie today. Incredibly touching and great life lessons to learn. We enjoyed every moment…it was a must see movie!”—Melanie M, 1st Grade Teacher
  • “My son loved the Movie. Despite him not being able to sit up for 6 weeks due to bilateral hip surgery, he was not gonna miss Marshall’s movie.”  –Sabine S., Mom
  • “Thanks, for being a voice for those who can’t speak for themselves. Marshall I see golden hydrant in your future on the next dog award show.” –Sandy D., Mom
  • “I asked my 7 year old son on a scale of 1-10 how would you rate the movie.  He said ‘um, like a 400!’ ”  Kathy V., Mom