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Show Courage. Be Kind.

Posted on Jun 2, 2014

This is the Marshall Movement motto. But, what does it mean? It’s pretty simple. Stand up for yourself and others. Be kind to yourself and others. Simple concepts that are many times missing in our society today. Bullying is a rampant problem in many schools; it is a cruel phenomenon that destroys the self-esteem of the child being bullied. Many times a bully’s actions are tolerated by bystanders because they don’t have the courage to tell a bully to stop and they believe someone else will do the right thing. However, it is time to stop being a bystander. We need to embrace everyone’s differences instead of using them to bully someone. So, next time you see someone being bullied or if you have bullied someone yourself, stop and think about what that person is experiencing – and then move forward with kindness.